Our clients

  • Guest Entertainment Management-Mexico, S.A. de C.V. visit
    Using cutting edge technology, Gemm provides interactive entertainment to hospitality guests throughout Mexico.
  • Kristof Kowalski visit
    Senior Messaging and Collaboration Engineer at Atkins.
  • NCi Insurance visit
    NCi is the new name of Northern Counties Guarantee Corporation Ltd who first opened their doors for business in 1928 and are therefore one of the UK’s longest established insurance brokers.
  • AQR Capital visit
    Investment management company that has been around on the market for more than twenty years.
  • Be My Samaritan visit
    Samaritan Fundraising provides fundraising help to churches, youth groups, Christian-oriented outreach groups, and Christian organizations.
  • Raz Carcoana, Oh Wow Studios visit
    IT solutions provider
  • Trading Bell visit
    American presentation catalogues software solutions suppliers for distributors, craftsmen or retailers.
  • Interact1One
    American security company that offers, aside from classic security services, a few new surveillance and protection software technologies.
  • Presonus visit
    Professional audio gear producer and supplier, established in 1995, in Los Angeles.
  • Yembo Capital visit
    Owner, investor and partner of several successful companies based in America, Asia or Europe.
  • Consumers Security Group Inc. visit
    New York's Department of State licensed, providing residential commercial and Government security services.
  • Translate Records visit
    Well known underground record company, forefunner and market leader on the "alternative" segment.
  • Romanian National Customs Authority (subcontractor) visit
    Governmental institution, held accountant by the Ministry of Public Finances, that controls 10 other Regional Customs Directorates. It is responsible with implementing the customes policy on behalf of the Romanian Government.
  • Eximtur visit
    One of the largest tour operators in Romania (no. 1 in Transylvania) that comes off on the 3rd place in the country, as far as the sold plane tickets are concerned.
  • Military Publishing House visit
    Established in 1950, the Military Publishing House is the Army's most important cultural institution.
  • Lotto Romania - Sports System visit
    Exclusive importer and distributor in Romania of the famous Italian sport gear company
  • Romanian National Company of Motorways and National Roads visit
    The Romanian National Company of Motorways and national Roads (N.C.M.N.R.) is a governmental insitution responsible with enlarging and administrating the entire national roads network. It is subordinated to the Ministry of Public Works, Transports and Housing.
  • Mideast Solutions FZ LLC visit
    Dubai's market lider for B2B applications, along withInternet and web hosting.
  • ITEM France (subcontractor) visit
    Well known French company, specialized in producing and distributing different types of portable, fixed and industrial weigthing systems.
  • Kevin Koplin
    Attorney, partner at Barton Barton & Plotkin LLP
  • Campusfork visit
    Campusfork is a restaurant food photo search website. We make finding and sharing restaurant food photos easy.
  • Businesspad visit
    Social network for business professionals worldwide.
  • Sartorom visit
    One of the most well known suppliers for quality control equipment, along with filtering intsllations in many insustry and agriculture fields.
  • White Dove Innovations visit
    White Dove Innovations are pioneers on the market for children's products, patenting a unique solution for helping sleep problems in infants and toddlers - the My Tot Clock.
  • Pure incubation visit
    Design and development solutions for small and medium companies.
  • ClikEng visit
    The planet's most powerful business English course.
  • Team Canteen visit
    Providers of unique pieces of sports apparel. Team Canteen brings the best deals in licensed apparel to the consumer.
  • Midascode Ltd visit
    We Buy Websites, We Design Websites, We Upgrade Websites, We Provide Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click Marketing Services...
    Sell your website with Midascode Ltd
  • Devon's Finest visit
    Devon's Finest is a celebration of the finest products and services available from our glorious county Devon, England.
  • Clarke Walton visit
    Walton Law Firm is a boutique Internet law firm that serves website owners worldwide.
  • New Zeeland Now visit
    The primary point of information for all future New Zeeland emigrants.
  • Shop Egor visit
    The World's #1 Eco Coupon Directory
  • Salva Resources visit
    Salva Resources was created specifically to link resources to the rapidly growing Indian and Australian mining, steel and power industries.  Salva is able to provide a range of technical, market and commercial services to clients in these sectors.
  • Evangelos Chandanos
    PhD and surgeon
  • Joshua Miller, Digital Applesauce visit
    Consulting and design company