Founded in 1999, Cratima is a Romanian software and web development company that activates especially on the foreign market, providing its customers with software applications development (including iPhone applications), web development (web applications and websites) and graphic design.


We believe that the true IT solutions are those which resolve problems, regardless of the user's level of qualification.

We believe in the power of deadline and for that reason we strive to meet it in everything we do.

We believe in a client approach policy and for this reason we will focus our full resources and skills to deliver the projects on-time, on budget and on scope.


RESPONSIBILITY  Whenever we carry out someone else's objectives which depend on our capabilities, we think of a question of self-esteem to do whatever is possible for the project to be accomplished.

DEDICATION  To accomplish something of true value, you must be involved more than professionally in what you do. You must consider client's objectives your own objectives, in order to give him safety and control in taking decisions.

EFFICACY  For us, to be efficacious means that when your purpose is to achieve some results, you must perform them corresponding to a certain level of quality by using the optimum resources.


Our mission is to have a major contribution to the successful growth of our clients' businesses, by offering high class IT solutions, implemented with the greatest care and responsibility.

Our goal is to build solid, long lasting relationships with our clients and partners by maintaining the highest standards of service and professional conduct.

Moreover, we are committed to deliver the projects on time (according to the deadline), on budget and on scope, by keeping all the promises made to our clients.