Automatic bet placement
Automatic bet placement
Declan O'Sullivan

Self-contained application that communicates with, from where it grabs the data regarding the bets, saving it into a MS Excel template file. The application also interacts with MS Office Excel, through which, then, writes in the template the data grabbed from the website. The Excel file contains formulas and specific algorithms that, using the data imported in the application, generates the necessary info in order to place bets on The bet placement is also self-contained and automated, uncommitted to human assistence.
Prior grabbing data from the site or placing bets, the application need to authenticate on the website, using an username and password. After successfuly logging in, it receives all the data in the "Horce Racing - Todays Card" list.
Having a preset time before each race starts out, the application opens the race dedicated Excel template, grabs all the website data and writes it into the Excel file. After processing all the adequate data, the application starts placing bets using the results given by Excel's specific algorithms and cancels all the unmatched bets. This process continues, periodically, from X to X miliseconds, until the race closes.