3D Graphic Engine - More Space
3D Graphic Engine - More Space
Cratima Software

MoreSpace is an exploring game based on a modified Quake2 engine, capable of opening maps in BSP format (Quake 3 map format). The engine can open full featured Quake3 format maps.

But the greatest feature of MoreSpace is the fact that it can render simultaneous the same scene from different angles on different computers that are in same network. This means that, if we would use four computers we would see the front image on the first one, set as master and the left, right and rear views on the others, that are set as slaves. Rendering is done at over 80 frames per second on each of the computers on 100MBit network adapters.
Each visualising station runs a specific MoreSpace instance which loads the same map; the stations are synchronised with the central station with whom the user interacts. A visualising station is responsible with displaying the scene and the "actors" presented in the viewing agle set to diplay (e.g. side-left, side-right etc.).