Digital video images data interpretor
Digital video images data interpretor

The application's goal is the automatic "reading" of the analogical values indicated by the measure instruments included in the video image. The system on which the application runs, has a video camera connected to it (this video camera is set to visualise the specific measure instruments that must be read). Periodically, or, upon request, the image analyzing, processing and recognition module renders the indicated valuesm transforms them into digital information and then stocks it into the application's database.
The system can be successfuly used for real time monitoring for analogue or digital indicators, that cannot send away the measured values. At the same time, the application can be configured to send an audio/video signal in case the indicated values outcome a certain interval.
The application is designed to read more than one indicator type (as display mode and/or format), such as: clock indicators, meter indicators, digital indicators etc.
The main condition for such a system to work successfuly is that the automatic "reading" to be 100% accurate, which is possible because of the physical emplacement, which facilitates the high resolution video images grabbing, based on which the digital analyze is done in optimum conditions.