Goal Definition Programme
Goal Definition Programme
KickAss Media

This simple software program helps students list and refine their goals. It contains a music splash screen and then a flash presentation. The application's interface has an up-to-date aspect, using mouse interaction rather than keyboard.
The definition of the goals is being made linearly, the user having to follow four predefined steps.
The first step helps with the properly definition of the goals: "Basic Goal Input", which contains two other subcategories - "Goals to accomplish while in College" and "Goals to accomplish after College".
The second step - "Goal Refinement" - helps with refining/detailing the goals defined at the previous step.
The third step - "Anticipating Obstacles and Weighing Benefits" - is used for defining the Obstacles and the Weighing Benefits for each goal entered at the first step.
The fourth step is printing the defined goals in two formats: the short version (a summary of the goals' content) and the long version (printing all the goals and all the related information).
Technologies: MS Visual C++ and Macromedia Flash.