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Integrated Security System
Integrated Security System

System characteristics
  * Automatic license plate recognition from video image of the vehicles for following and automatic warning of the targeted vehicles
  * Driving the traffic in the customs points
  * Keeping an Events Log for all the vehicles that crossed the frontier. Each registration in the register is accompanied by the image of that vehicle in which
  it was inserted important information like: user, date/hour, the resolution of the user, automatic license plate recognition and if there is the case the license plate manual introduced
  * Storing all the registrations from the Events Log for at least 3 years
  * Posting up in real time on the computer screen of the barrier, traffic lights, signaling lamp
  * Registration all the important actions of the users with the system and functional defects
  * Following and automatic closing of the customs transits
  * Generation definite and pre-definite reports
  * Interrogation the database, keeping them on an external support and the visualization of the data created in this way 
System architecture
  * 1-16 pcs. Video camera with a resolution of 752 x 582 TV lines
  * Thermo stated and ventilated frames for video cameras
  * Frame grabber card with 1-16 video inputs each
  * Computer processor unity
  * Dedicated software application
  * Illumination system for working area
  * Connection cables and connectors
  * Intelligent barriers commanded by the computer
  * Two colors traffic lights: red and green
  * Optic signaling lamp
  * video image processing software (analysis and video preprocessing, license plate automatic recognition)
  * Local and wide area network