Parking Access System
Parking Access System

The systems controlls the access of vehicles in private parking lots by automatically recognizing their licence plates. The barrier automatically lifts when the licence plate is found in the database and then descends after the vehicle has gone through the access point.
A point of access contains the following:
  * two video cameras (one camera takes the image of the auto vehicle from entrance and the other one takes image of the auto vehicle from the exit)
  * one or two automatic barriers with one or two loops for each of them (instead of magnetic loop can be used an intelligent software sensor-based on motion detection algorithm, where the site conditions doesn't allow physical installation of magnetic loop)
  * signaling lamp
  * computer 
The process of license plate recognition is triggered when the auto vehicle is near by the barrier from the entrance/exit in/from the parking. First the license plate is automatically recognized from the image grabbed by the video camera. The license plate number is searched in the database that contains allowed license plate numbers. If the recognized license plate number was found in the database then the barrier is automatically open. If it was not found then the barrier remains closed and the signaling lamp will flash until the supervisor treats the event. The image, the recognized number and the date and time related with this event are stored in the database. The images from entrance/exit of the same auto vehicle are merged in the same event, computing the total parking time.
The access to the system is multi-level depend on username and password. The administrator (privileged user) can do the following operations: open/closed barrier manually, set brightness and contrast of a video camera, manage allowed number plate database, configure system's parameters (e.g. tariff) and view the internal log application.
The system provides the possibility of connecting with access keypad or magnetic card reader for those situations when the automatic recognition fails (e.g. dirty plates, low contrast plates)
The barriers are connected to one or two loops that automatically detect the presence of a vehicle and stop the barrier to be closed if while the vehicle is under the barrier's arm. After the vehicle's passing it will be closed automatically.