Portable Weighing System
Portable Weighing System

This software application is part of a portable weighing system. The goal of this system is to weigh the vehicles that circulate on the Romanian's roads and the automatic calculation of the tariff for those vehicles that contravene to the dispositions of the law. The calculation of the tariffs is made accordingly to the norms and the methodology settled by law.
For each weighed vehicle, it prints The Weighing Ticket. For the vehicles that exceed the limits of gauge or weight it is printed also The Weighing Ticket additionally the documents: Special Authorization for Transport and Contravention Minute.
The program registers the data introduced by the user for all the weightings: license plates of the vehicle, type of the vehicle, place where the weighing was done, etc. There are also registered all the taken over and processed data in the program: weight, tariff, etc. Those data can be visualized and printed as reports. To ensure the security of the data only the persons on the users' list by the administrator of the system can use each weighing system.
  * printing the weighing ticket
  * editing and printing the Contravention Minute (C.M.) and The Special Authorization for Transport (S.A.T.)
  * completed evidence of all the measurements done
  * automatic taking over of the results of the weighing in C.M. and S.A.T.
  * instant calculation of the tariffs, according to the current legislation
  * generating statistics reports on pre-defined criteria or by the user's choice 
The Computer
It is a portable computer dedicated to this system, which has a great power of calculation and also a great capacity of registration. The data transmission between the computer and the rest of the system is made through the box for supplying and connections through a few cables.
The Printer
The printer is also portable and it permits printing on A4 paper the processed data, having white-black printing facilities.
Weighing pads
The weighing pads are apparatus of measure for max.10 tons/pad. The admissible over load is of 50%: 15tons/pad. In the case of a weight bigger than 10.4 tons the pads' display post up OUTLOAD.
Supplying and Connexion Box
It is the system's sub-ensemble that makes the connections between all the elements of the system. All the cables and connectors are individualized by special recognition elements.
The box for supplying can be supplied from the 220Vac network through the standard cable that is introduced in the 220Vac muffle, from the car's battery through a lighter cable that is introduced in the 12Vac muffle - Now.
The system displays, in real time, the sum of the values measured on the weighing pads. At the end of the weighing process for all the axes, it displays the entire weigh of the vehicle (the sum of all axes).