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3rdEYE - Mobile phone video surveillance application
3rdEYE - Mobile phone video surveillance application
Cratima Software

This solution allows our clients to real time monitoring of their houses, cottages, shopes, offices, factories on their mobile phones, virtually from anu location with GPRS coverage. This mobile video surveillance technologi was launched as 3rdeye, at the IT fair CeBIT 2006.
3rdeye consits in two applications: the video server (to which the monitoring video cameras are connected) and the client application, which runs on the user's mobile phone.
3rdeye  allows you to watch in real time, on your Java MIDP 2.0 and GPRS enabled mobile phone (not necessarily 3G or "smart phone"), the images provided by the video cameras connected to the video server and controls the position of the video cameras (Pan/Tilt/Zoom).
The connection to the video server is made through the Internet, using a GPRS connection (not necessarily, as already stated, a 3G connection; neither a “smart phone”).The received image can be presented both full screen/normal view and has multiple display modes: full frame, 1:2, 1:1 (in this case, the application is designed to have a scroll and an auto detection feature).
The moment a client application connects to the server, it then right away sends the server info regarding the maximum size of the phone's display, so the server automatically adjusts the video images (width x height).
The server application notifies the client (with the 3rdeye application installed on his mobile phone) by SMSs/ MMSs, on every event occured in the protected area (e.g. motion detection, power failure, no video signal, internet connection loss etc.).
Using an advanced technology (developed by Cratima), based on a motion detection and tracking proprietary algorithm, the Video Grabbing Server records all the events occured along with the adequate motion images. All the recorded events can be viewed from the client's 3rdeye mobile phone application.
The proprietary technology we used for sending the video images from the Video Surveillance Server to the clients (video stream), along with the motion detection and tracking algorithm, led to a variation of the frames per second rate, transmited towards the mobile phone, considering the GPRS connextion's band width,  optimizing, in this way, the data transfer. The data transfer's optimization can also lead to obtaining a great report between the quality of the image and the display rate of the recorded video images.
3rdeye has multiple usage and, being developed from one end to another by Cratima, can be customized for every client's needs:
  *managing employee conduct and duties from remote locations;
  off site monitoring of homes, cottages, shops, offices, factories, warehouses, cars, boats;
  *child care monitoring for development at home, nurseries, kindergartens and schools or observing the well-being of senior citizens and disables;
  *pet/weather watch; construction site video surveillance.