KeySpot Marketing Lda is a website in Portuguese where users can post their complaints about a brand on the market and obtain a response from that company. In which should be a very simple process, user A should place a complaint and wait for its approval by the Administrator. After receiving approval, the Brand will be notified via e-mail that there is a new post (if the Brand does not exist, it must be registered first by the Administrator using the information provided by user A, such as Name and Industry).

Other users can comment, the brand representative(s) can reply and if they do, user A must rate the answer (e.g., saying he understands the situation now or that the reply did not help him at all). Every user must provide their ID and VAT number and all brands must have a valid contact e-mail, to ensure everyone is serious about engaging with the service.

The following features/pages are present in the website:
- Homepage
- Users Registration
- My Account
- My Posts
- My Fan List
- Brands – Get Satisfaction
- Brand – Registration Request
- Brand – My Account
- Brand – My Complaints
- Brand – My Suggestions
- Brand – My Fans List
- Brand – Users Management
- Complaints List
- Add Complaint
- Suggestions List
- Add Suggestion
- Suggestion View
- Complaint View
- Stats - Ranking
- Stats - Compare
- News
- About
- Terms of Service
- Admin Main Page
- Admin – Complaints
- Admin – Suggestions
- Admin – Users
- Admin – Companies & Brands
- Admin – News
- Admin – Static Pages