Eximtur - Intranet application
Eximtur - Intranet application

We have extended the previous ticketing application used by Eximtur, by adding new modules and functionalities in order to manage the usual company activities. We can make a point of the following new functionalities, among others:
- client fidelity module (each client is identified based on the Personal Number Code, regardless of using the fidelity cards);
- modifications on the existent client module in order to grab more info on the company's clients;
- implementing a module for establishing the rules for sells, bonuses and discounts;
- adding a new module that sends out e-mail alarms if certain preset events occur;
- e-mail campaigns management module (allows creating the e-mail template and automatically sends the e-mails towards the campaign selected clients);

Technologies: ASP.NET, MS SQL Server, Javascript, CSS