Lotto - Stock Management Application
Lotto - Stock Management Application
Lotto Romania

The application attains the national stock management, having each store and warehouse connected to the central database in Lotto's headquarters. The client interface is, actually, the web browser; this makes possible the access from virtually any PC that has Internet connection, regardless of the operating system.

The access into the system is separated on four levels, and is made using an authentication key, along with an user name and password:
1. Admin (access to the entire database, on all the modules) - as a particular functionality, the Admin can set the automated generating mechanism for the notice numbers;
2. Warehouse (access to the type "warehouse" stocks) - can operate notices, transfers or invoices;
3. Sales representative;
4. Store (access only to the products in each store's attached stock) - can create tally sheet documents, can view the stock and print the store chart.

The products are entered into the application based on the import documents or on invoices from internal suppliers. After this stage, they can be taken out of the stock, using invoices or notices (when they are delivered to certain stores) or, in uncommon situations, using several types of protocols (thievery protocol, donation protocol etc.). There can also be made transfers of products between stocks, or reimbursements to a certain partner.

Downloading the stock can be configured according to different preferences and it can be made as it follows: FIFO (first in, first out) or LIFO (last in, last out).

The application can set up different types of reports:
- stock report at a specific date for one or multiple stocks, for a part or for all the products;
- product movement report (it indicates the specific stocks through which a certain product has gone through, along with the adequate documents for each transfer) at a preset date;
- protocols report (contains all the protocols created in a certain time frame);
- sales report (manages the sold products record and the adequate quantities) at a preset date;
- input records (it indicates all the products entered into the stock) at a preset date;

The application allows inventories on specific stocks, at a preset date and contains products, partners and stocks list schedule.

All the created documents can be listed and printed. The application also contains a filter for rapid document search (after type, stock, date, partner etc.).

Technologies: PostgreSQL, PHP, JavaScript, CSS.