Management application
Management application
Medical Technologies International

This is a stock management application. It supports two types of users: Normal User (this type of user has access only to visualizing the documents entered into the database) and Admin (has access to all levels; creates and administrates other accounts and users; administrates the application's database).

The moment a product is entered into the application's database, it would be registered through an import document or an internal invoice. Then it can be delivered to the hospitals through a custody protocol and a release-receive protocol.

The product can return to the main stock by a custody or reimbursement protocol. Aside from the types already mentioned, the application also allows creating exchange or annul protocols (between products based in different hospitals or between products based in the main stock and products based in hospitals).

The application can create stock reports that indicate the quantity of products in the stock, at a certain date, on one or multiple stocks; transfer report that indicate the specific documents and the exact moment when a certain products got it or out of the database. On this matter also, the application keeps an event log in order to identify the author, the moment and the changes operated in the database.

The application contains suppliers, custodies, clients and products schedule lists.

All the created documents, including the invoices and protocols, can be saved and printed.

Technologies: PHP and PostgreSQL.