Management application (medical)
Management application (medical)
Sana Medical Center

Stock management application developed for one of the most well known pharmaceutical products importer in Romania. The application permits two access levels: Admin (has access to all modules) and Clinic Studies (the users of this type of accounts has access only to information directly related to the clinic study that they are working on).

There are four product categories that can be managed: gear, kits and medication; each category has distinct characteristics - medication numbers, expiry date and temperature conditions, among others.

The product flow takes place as it follows. The products are registered in the stock management application through an import document. Based on these imports, it opens "entry report" documents, after which the products can be supplied over to the hospitals (considering the clinic studies they intended for) through "exit report" documents.

As specific functionalities of the application, all the documents created can be listed, edited or printed and the products have specific status preset by the users that can be modified until the products are out of the database (such as "in", "quarantine" or "out"). The application allows, as well, identifying a certain stock, at a certain date, on a certain clinic study, along with creating clinic studies, measurements or temperature conditions schedule lists.

Technologies: PHP and PostgreSQL.