Telephone exchange log
Telephone exchange log
Lotto Romania

Intranet application used for monitoring the phone calls made from inside the company. Each phone call made from an inward number to an outside phone number (national, mobile, international) is automatically recorded in the database. The application inputs the following information for each phone call: time and date (when the phone call was made), the inward number (from where the phone call was made), the addressed phone number, and the call duration.

Based on the tariffs from the telephone operator who's line was used for the phone call, the application automatically makes the calculations for each phone call.

The information held in the database can be viewed and filtered so that you can imediately get useful details, such as:
- total phone calls amount for a certain time frame, from a specific inward number to a specific outside phone number (client);
- total phone calls amount towards specific telephony networks (local and interurban, mobile-divided for each operator, international - taking into consideration each pricing area);
- total phone calls duration using either one of the filtering criteria mentioned above;
- detailed phone calls list based on the specific filters.

Technologies: PHP, PostreSQL, Javascript, CSS