What our clients say

"Cratima has been everything I had hoped for, and more. They are very professional, responsive, and as good as any homeland web designers and programmers I've ever worked with. I'll definitely use them for future projects."

Tom Freiling, Be My Samaritan

"Cratima have been a very a professional development company who helped develop a custom iPhone application. It's been a pleasure to work with them for several reasons. Prompt replies, fantastic technical knowledge, keeping the applicationt to budget and always going the extra mile to ensure quality of work was maintainted. Will most definetely use Cratima again and highly recommend anyone to them! Keep up the fantastic work!
Great eye for detail and followed the technical design to the letter, well done to the team! Highly recommended when it comes to the iPhone platform!"

Kristof Kowalski, LookSee

"We are iPhone APP Developers. Needless to say we have been extremely impressed with Cratima's work, professionalism, and diligence while assisting our efforts. We regard them as highly effective in producing the requested product and in a timely manner. Many other companies could easily take a lesson right out of their book, if they too, desire to be as successful. Great team! Great Technical knowledge! We highly commend and recommend Cratima for a variety of Application projects! "

Robert Diller, goingApps

"Cratima is a pleasure to work with. They deliver on time and on budget.  They embody efficiency and professionalism! "

Raz Carcoana - Artisan Brothers, LLC

"Cratima knows best! While Cratima excels in all aspects of their business, there are three items that stood out. One, they are very customer friendly and I felt like they cared about my project. Two, they communicate very well and were responsive to all my feedback. And three, they are very organized in their approach to my project from start to finish. This led to minimal confusion and maximum value. I will probably use Cratima again and will recommend them to all my friends and associates. Good Job!"

Jason Romanik - Businesspad, Online Business Community

"Cratima did a great job on my site. I would highly recommend them. They are very responsive and professional."

Nelson Kefauver, 403bReview

"Cratima has top quality designers and gave great attention to the detail of the project. The turn around time is outstanding and they always over delivered on what I asked them to do."

Josh Pickett, Friendly Pc Tutor

"One of the best graphic design providers I have ever discovered. Produced superb professional flash files for many projects. Performed very efficiently in a very timely manner. Contact me at drjay@prodigy.net.mx and I will show you the professional files created."

Dr. Jay Polmar, Speedread America

"I highly recommend CRATIMA, they are very professional, respond very fast and are committed to the time-line. There were several add-ons to add to the initial budget but we never got the feeling they were taking advantage of any situation, they were always fair. Competent, fair, committed to time-line and understanding project needs... this is how I would describe CRATIMA on this project."

Fernando Mendes, KeySpot Marketing Lda

"Excellent team; very professional and experienced with the design. Did all what we wanted and some additional work. Top quality work. The logo was exactly what we wanted, as well as the tabs and some reshaping work with pictures. We will definitely work with them again."

Joao Azevedo, Local Finder

"Sourcing the right vendor can be overwhelming and may cause the birth of a few strands of white hair, but after a few months of conducting interviews with both US vendors and overseas, I happily went with my instincts and choose Cratima.I am planning to use them for future projects. While pricing may be a core issue for most company, I would suggest to look beyond this and choose a provider that has fair pricing. Communication is key. Like any successful relationship, Cratima is honest and frank, which I appreciate. They will extend themselves to go the extra way and my confidence grew in their proposal plan. Documentation. Contrasting, Cratima's proposal was detailed yet easy to read brief that permeated confidence to my partners when I presented them with different contracts. Like a mile long menu, the details are clear with very little ambiguity. While I received a few proposals, other were sub par and resembled a college project with just a few details on a word document. Listening. Cratima is a great listener. They read my feedback concerns and returned with either a solution or questions for clarifications. Testing. Cratima is by no means perfect. I caught some minor bugs and spelling mistakes, but they speedily made the corrections. This is the key. They appear the type to create long lasting relationships as oppose to a vendor that just finishes a project and immediately vanish. Design. After giving them a rough draft of my design, they were able to replicate a design. They have a staff of developers, designers, and account managers. I would stay away from 1 person companies that simply are cheap in prices, but try to assume the role of a "one man show." Conclusion: (detailed oriented) + (fair pricing) + (quick response) + (friendly service) = Cratima"

Ray Wong, Campusfork - network for affordable food recommendations

"I would work with Cratima again. Is there anything more to say than that?"

Dave Sterrnberg, Marketing Technologies and Metrics

"Fast turnaround and easy to work with service provider. They provided exactly the graphical element we were looking for. Thanks for the great job on our project!"

Stefan Szepe, Progress BS Kft.

"We were very pleased with the quality and speed of the work done for us. We would definitely use this service provider again in the future."

Bobby Rhane, Future Media Group

"You must absolutely use these guys! They are a real team of professionals and although I had worked with them in the past, they continue to amaze me with their professional solutions, promptitude and dedication to my needs! I got exactly what I needed: a professional application, within budget and before deadline. Looking forward to your next amazing performance!"

Jake Cooldridge, Xenosoft

"Definitely recommend Cratima. They understood the requirements for the project and produced the software both within budget and in the timeframe we agreed. Very professional and friendly and understanding."

Graeme Cook

"I can see why they get such good feedback. I assumed this would be a tricky application judging by the other bidders' questions but Cratima made it look good, made it work perfectly and made it quickly. Highly recommended."

Jon Butt, Flashni Ltd

"Cratima did an excellent job on a fairly complex and difficult project, and completed it in a timely matter despite a misunderstanding over the original specifications. I would recommend their services to others seeking a similar project."

John F. Abate, Success Publishers LLC

Cratima showed professionalism, responsiveness and attentiveness to my needs. I am extremely satisfied with the work they have done thus far.

John Stratti, Verizon Business

The team has been great. This is a complex project with algorithms that are difficult to create and Cratima is getting it done.

Kevin Koplin, Poker in Motion

"I personally recommend this agency to any company that wishes to confide its image to professionals, that is interested in creativity by simplicity and to which the time is the most important part of creating a project."

Ionel Ionita, Bucharest Municipality Museum Manager

"Cratima has done a tremendous job on my website (www.mytotclock.com). Their communication and professionalism are top- notch! I look forward to working with them again! "

Pamela Gonzalez, President White Dove Innovations

"From start to finish Cratima were true professionals. They went out of their way to make sure everything was to our satisfaction. Communication was excellent and we were more than happy with the finished product! If we need more work done professionally in the future, Cratima will be our first stop!"

Sean MacEntee, Founder of BeerChief.com

"I can't say enough about Cratima. Time and time again I work with them on various design projects and they come through for me with flying colors. I will definitely use this vendor again, and I would whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone who is doing a web design project."

Melissa Chang, President Pure incubations

"I couldn't be happier with the results from Cratima. On time, great price, great quality of work. I have no complaints and would gladly do bussiness with this agency again."

Aaron Prat, Creative Fuel Design

"Cratima is a very professional organization. They delivered a quality project within specified time constraints. Communication with their project liaison was excellent."

Prashant, Billing Intel

"Great company to have on your side. Look forward to working with them on future projects."

Michael Friedberg, IT Manager at Mike Feinberg Company

"We are very happy with the work done which was to the budget and to the schedule. Will use in the future and would recommend them."

Ian Barnes, Praeparo Ltd

"Cratima is an excellent company to work with. They rebuilt my app form scratch and had it done in less than 10 days, when it originally took me 3 months. I am very impressed with Cratima. On top of all that, the price was very reasonable."

Thaer Ali, Revapps

"Cratima has been a fantastic business partner on this project. They understood my requirements well and walked me through the process of converting from TypePad to actually hosting a full version of WordPress. I also had other less concrete requirements in terms of business goals, but they were honest and up front to state because they were not tangible deliverables, it would not be in the best interest of the project to include them as part of the scope. Cratima is also currently developing one of my other larger $10k+ project and I would recommend them to anyone."

Vincent Stang, Perpetual Vantage

"Outstanding experience working with the team! I look forward to the next project."

Jud Hogan, Sands of Time Ventures Inc.

"Excellent professionals!"

Evangelos Chandanos

"Incredibly pleased with the quality of work, the schedule and the communication on this project."

Joshua Miller, Digital Applesauce